Set New Goals, Let’s Go

Recently I have been lacking new life goals.

CFA Level III Passed.

Got married to my love.

If there are two main goals this year alone, the two goals have been achieved.

Now comes the long waiting period for our visas to turn into permanent residence, for my experience to reach the required 48 months for CFA designation. I am a bit lost in the waiting period. No readings or exercises to do in the evenings. No wedding planning work. Even the travels have been semi-booked up. It looks like my life is entering a limbo stage. Maybe it is time for some new enrichment.

Here are the few classes I am interested in taking. Type it down here just so I remember to register soon.

  1. Category One -> Things that sound interesting, but have limited applicability
    • Fashion in Museums, Saturday 10:30-12:00 for 5 sessions $310
    • World Politics, Tuesday 6:20pm-8pm, 10 sessions (miss 1 class) $525
  2. Category Two -> Subject related to my career but not in a direct way $725
    • Foundations of Conflict and Dispute Resolution, Wed 6 -8:45pm, 9 sessions
    • Fundamentals of Business Law, Mon 6:30-9pm, 10 sessions $895 (miss 1 class)
    • Public Relations and Corporate Communication, Investor Relations Thur 6-9pm 6 sessions, $690
  3. Category Three -> Subject I can actually use for current or future work
    • Data Visualization for Business, Mon 6-9pm, Oct 17th-Dec 19th, 10 sessions $775 (miss 1 class, online)
    • Writing on the Job, Wed 6:45pm-8:45pm, 10 sessions, $540

So far the winners are world politics and public relations and corporate communication. I guess I can start with world politics then.

Looking forward to the rest of the year. 😀


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