A person’s home tells a lot 

I cannot count the number of times my parents yelled at me when I was little for not cleaning up my room. 

“Your clothes tell others about your outer self, your room reflects your inner self,” as they often said.

I did not quite get this until now. For the many years I was in boarding school, I was more or less forced to clean my own area. Since I shared a bedroom with many other girls, I didn’t really feel a sense of home. The first time I had my own place was freshman university, but since I was staying in school dorm, I had cleaning lady came once a week to clean my room for me. 

Jumping to my first apartment in Houston, not a big place, but nice and simple. My friends all know that I am not the cleanest person on earth, but I like to decorate my home a bit to make it look ok. I am often amused when I visit my friends and classmates’ places. Most of my classmates’ places are clean, with very few exceptions. I am not too surprised. These are people who have achieved some level of initial career success. The funny thing is men who I would predict t have high level of career success are mostly those who have well-organized living space. I am certain many other women feel the same way. After all, if someone can’t even get their shit together and live in a garbage dump, could anyone expect that person to successfully manage others? I say no.

It doesn’t have to be hours of time spent cleaning. It doesn’t have to be done by oneself. I was surprised how many years it took for me to see how right my parents were. From now on, I will focus more effort on making my home look like how I imagine a clean, successful person’s place would look like.




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