Dreams are meant to come true

Tonight, I went to Yo-Yo Ma concert at Yale with my classmates. I was surprised how wonderful the event turned out, not only for the outstanding music performance, but also as a motivational education.

The reason Yo-Yo Ma came perform was for fund rising, in the name of one of the longest serving professor at Yale, Aldo. (Can’t spell his last name…) Aldo is a Brazilian who moved to the US in 1946. He had $200 with him and spent all of it after 5 months. He didn’t have enough money to eat, and his classmates discovered he didn’t go to dinning hall for a couple of days. They gathered together and discussed how to find him a job so that he could continue his cello learning at Yale. He found a job cleaning bathrooms in school while practicing cello day and night. After graduation, he went on to perform with varies symphonies around the world and took the opportunities to travel and see many places.

Today, at the age of 96, he is still a humorous healthy man. His face was glowing and his smile truthful. He joked with Yo-Yo Ma when the two sat down for the interview part of the session. Later, he conducted a concerto written by Joseph Hayden and Yo-Yo Ma played cello with the young musicians at Yale phiharmonia. It was the best piece tonight.

When Yo-Yo Ma asked Aldo why he was feeling like a 60 year old, Aldo said, “because all of my dreams have come true. And I knew when I was very young, dreams are meant to come true. I just had to work hard for them.”

This is the first Tuesday night of my last semester in school. It is this type of days that made me treasure my time at Yale.



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