Sun, Air, Water, Food and Company; Everything else is a luxury

This is what I have been looking forward to.

I have attended 5 of the 7 classes I registered for this term so far. (I don’t count the mandatory leadership crap as a class…) 3 of those classes are great, 2 are ok, but still better than the mandatory classes I took last year. Strategic management for non-profits draws me to think about non-profits in ways I have never thought before; The Next China got me back to pay attention to the country I spent my prior life in; Entrepreneurial Finance had us formed a team and started cranking out numbers for a pizza restaurant; World Financial History introduced me to the origins of coins,bonds, writing, contracts etc. (Probably have to drop this class, one of the professors co-teaching this class is not very good at communicating her ideas to audiences.)  During lunch hour I was at the club fair promoting our Responsible Investing Group. It’s a niche area that’s not the easiest to sell.

The best moment of today for me was sitting in the lecture hall of Listening to Music class. There is a grand piano in the lecture room. The instructor turned and played parts of the Moonlight Sonata for us. He also played John Mayer’s pop music from his computer as a example to demonstrate how music is constructed. He demonstrated that modern pop music, as much as we thought were different from classical music, used many classical elements as its pillars. I wish I had this opportunity during my undergraduate years to take this class. Great professor, small audience, interesting material, this class has it all.

I heard the Energy System Analysis class won’t disappoint either. It is supposed to be taught by a genius professor who is a bit arrogant. I like arrogant people as long as they are actually way smarter than I am. It is good for someone who wants to do impact investing to deepen her knowledge in the energy sector a bit.

Tomorrow after class, I am connecting with a recent alum who started his own environment, social and governance research company and an undergrad who are interested in starting an e-commerce start-up in China (Everyone’s starting e-commerce company in China. It tells me how much money VC’s throwing into that sector.) My econ professor was trying to tell me to go audit class so that I can TA well. We are forming a group discussing random magazine articles. Diving range golf is going to open sign-up soon. The hockey club will kick off in a month. Chili global course just sent us information. It’s gonna be a busy semester!

If I could split me into two, I will take on more venture advisory roles, I will take more liberal arts classes at Yale College to makeup for the first 17 years of my life living in a cultural desert, I will spend a day with each of my classmates and get to know them better, I will go to the gym or go study culinary. Only if I can have more time.

I was just reading a speech transcript by Mo Yan, the Chinese Nobel Prize Winner for literature. He questions people’s values these days.Why do we need that much money? Why should we demand monopoly/dictator power? Why do we need that many handbags and shoes? Why do we need many women (men)? Are we not happy, healthy and content, or are people simply hard to please?

Sunshine, Clean air, Clear Water, Tasty food. (Add one more: good company) Those should be all we need. All else are luxurious goods.

Closing bell time. Free alcohol is not to be missed. 😀


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