Austria – Vienna





Vienna is a peaceful, prosperous European city with good cultural activities, nice natural sceneries and tasty food.

We visited Princess Sisi’s Habsburg palace and garden. I don’t understand why the royal family needs such a large space. The architecture was well preserved. Paintings, chandeliers, utensils looked almost exactly what they were like in the movies. I am so jealous of Sisi, not for her wealth, but for having a man who truly loved her and cared for her. King Joseph II seems to be quite a diligent king as well. He woke up at 4 am in the morning and works from 5am on till late.

I got to listen to good live orchestra performance at the Horfburg theatre. The performance was very well thought out. It contains polka folk pieces, some operas accompanied by the orchestra and classical pieces by Johann Strauss and Mozart.

The Vienna metro was quite efficient, fast and clean. We took the metro many times to get into the city centre. Unfortunately the weather was a bit chilly. It even rained a bit. And we had to go buy clothes.

Hope Czech Republic do not disappoint me. 😀


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