New York, New York




I moved to New York two days ago. In order to preserve my energy and minimize the possibility of getting injured prior to my internship, I have not spent all my time out yet. I watched the phantom of the opera and went to dinner with Alanna yesterday when she was in town. I am going to walk around Korean town with my roommate to get some household stuff and have dinner with a few classmates tomorrow night.

I hope I get to take advantage of this beautiful city as much as possible this summer. I should encourage my friends from out of town to visit so that I can go to shows with them and do touristy stuff. I plan to go to some meetup events to make new friends and get to know neighborhoods in New York. I have yet to visit the museums yet. Should pick that up as well.

A list of things to explore for the summer, not quite ambitious

1. Watch 5 broadway shows
2. Go to 3 museums
3. Walk 3 parks (besides the Bryan park)
4. Get to know 10 people who I did not know before
5. Attend at least 2 social events each week

Self-improvement areas

1. Dress shoes accessories – only a few years left to be young! Lol
2. Knowledge about the city, investment industry, and pop culture etc.
3. Network network network

I am about to attack a village on clash of clan, then it’s bed time.


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