At the end of the first year – need to be more productive

Today is the graduation day of the class of 2014. 249 students have graduated from Yale SOM. Some of them will stay close by. Some of them I will never see again. It’s hard to think I am already becoming a second year student at SOM. It seems just yesterday I started this journey. It also felt like a long time since I set foot in New Haven. Like it or hate it, embrace it or deny it, time keeps ticking.

I am taking an in between time before my internship starts. It looks far, but is in fact quite near. I cannot wait for it to start though. I need to instill discipline into my daily routine, so I can be more focused and waste less time on clash of clans ( an iPhone game), debating if I should build an online dating profile or not (not an ideal way to meet people) or napping. I bought a groupon for hot yoga classes near my godmother’s place and am about to go every day this week. I was practicing keyboard chords during the day when no one’s home. I started reading the investment book my manager assigned to me. I am teaching my little god brother how to analyze companies’ 10-K. I would like to be a bit more productive than I am now. Almost immediately after I got my summer internship, I’ve stopped networking. I’ve also stopped keeping up with company stock analysis. (Awful…)

I am not sure how this summer in New York is going to be, but I am hopeful. I hope it’s a good journey. I hope I learn lots and get to hang out more with my classmates. Although my girlfriends were asking me to actively go meet new guys outside of business school, active is not really my style. I like observing people to much. Coming from a small city in Southern china, meeting 50 people a year (or even 5) is kinda wield, not to mention hooking up, or sleeping with multiple people at a time! Funny enough, I have many friends who actually do behave like these. I found their lives extremely entertaining. ( could never and would never live mine like theirs…) I was joking with some of them last weekend that someone like me should either become a cougar or a nun. Lol.

I should go download some new spotify lists tomorrow!


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