Zooming out

I am not sure how others feel, but I am zooming out of school. I felt this school year has been going on for quite a while and it’s time to say goodbye to it. Although I know I won’t be having as much fun and flexibility, but I would like to start my summer internship soon. I know it’s stupid to think this way, but I actually miss real life. Life outside school.

Turnaround and we will be the second years. I can’t believe how time flies. Turn around and I will be 27. I remember 10 years ago I was in a completely different place – I was waiting to hear from my parents if I would be moving to Canada. I have been going to a lot more SOM events in the past month. I felt I had finally caught up with most SOMers. I am getting the time I missed in Spring 1 back.

It’s gonna be a super packed two weeks, then it will be over. Cohort Olympics, India IE reunion, pig roasting, soccer softball tournaments, spring formal, welcome weekend, house gathering, brunch party. It’s going to be a busy two weeks. I am looking at tickets back to Houston for a couple of weeks. I miss the sunny, warm weather.

I am so much more stable and happier than last quarter. It does make sense to stay close to people who give out positive energy. School please end soon. I cannot wait to go learn and enjoy my summer.





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