Taj Mahal and Red Fort






I visited the Taj Mahal 泰姬陵 and Red Fort yesterday. They are fantastic architecture structures.

In this age which divorce rate is over 50 percent in the U.S., and about 30 percent in the rest of the world, I wonder if love ever last. Being in a business school in the middle of nowhere and seeing how some of my classmates behaved made me doubt that even more.

Our tour guide told us there was only one thing in the whole structure that was not symmetrical. It was Taj’s husband. When he passed away, they put him next to her and broke the symmetry of the tomb. Yes, they have broken the symmetry, but they also brought in the perfect complementary. Instead of loneliness in two different worlds, they could finally be together. Instead of symmetry, they’ve achieved harmony.

Today our group went to Holi celebration in a middle class neighborhood in Delhi. I had a good time. I managed to sneaked out for 5 mins to sit alone on a fence at a quieter side of the neighborhood. I saw a few ladies hanging clothes on their balconies, cows hanging around on a small grass field. A breeze came by and I had a good moment.

Life might as well be this way.


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