Once in a life time – visit to rural Philippines


Rice fields – 3 dogs running around!


A resort (supposedly) in the middle of nowhere


Sunlight spread through the trees in the morning

Our global social enterprise team visited rural Philippines in the past couple of days. I am very glad to get this opportunity to get out of Manila. I have been to a good number of beach resorts, mega cities, but I haven’t go to the country side after I left Taiwan. (which was not that long, but I missed it) It was a great opportunity to connect with local people. That’s what I love about social enterprise projects, I get to meet people I would not normally see.

The van cruised through seas of green rice fields and stopped in front a community school. Pleasant music flowed into our ears and brains when we stepped into the yard. 12 Filipino children were playing bandura. I probably should have focused, but my mind was totally drifting away. They played some old American songs from the 50s. I stood under the shade of the tree, listened to them and enjoyed the breeze. Locals prepared fresh fruits, food and desserts for us. I threw away all my manners, ate 6 portions of desserts and two plates of food. The subsequent visits were not as significant. We simply went from one farmers’ cooperative to another and one city office to another. (besides a 50 year old city planning officer was hitting on me, which became the joke of the team…creeps….)

The next morning I strolled around the “resort” (which cost $2 per night in the middle of nowhere…with practically no distinct scenery), enjoyed the sun and the shades and took time to reflect. Most (if not all) of the people I met on this visit, I would never meet them again in my life. The encounter I had with them, was a “once in a life time” encounter. They have showed their courtesy and friendliness to me.  I gained a broader vision, a good time and positive energy from them. That was more than enough, although I hope for a re-visit.

Very late at night we were still working on the project as a team. The stars in the rural Philippines were extremely bright. They brightened up my vision for the future.


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