Self-improvement plan :D

1. Spend less time on random stuff, more time on cultivating interest. (A challenge in New Haven indeed, but totally doable. )

  • I need to exercise more. The extra fat on my arms is worrisome.
  • I should go to more concerts and plays,  taking full advantage of the art scene here while in NH.
  • I need to read more books. What happen to my library plan… (What happened? ><)

2. Spend less time complain, more time on finding interesting things to do.

In the first leadership class, I found out about a couple of classmates’ experience dealing with crisis. I am just one lucky kid compared to those classmates. I have plenty of reasons to live happily.

  • I should probably start watching TV and sign up for Netflix. (great, a new way to waste time is found…)
  • Spend more time with my friends, go visit them often. (excuses, excuses….)
  • Maybe I should also participate in club activities and find more opportunities to give back to SOM. (but I am too lazy…)

3. Spend less time day dream and more time to fight for dreams

Recently I’ve been sleeping too much. After IE I should go back to a routine schedule. Once I decide on which company to work for, I should spend some time on professional development. Now I am thinking where to travel next year.

Go to sleep!


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