Done with craziness – opportunities to grow

Today I had my last super day in this series of overwhelming madness.

Yesterday I was coughing badly, but managed to contain the incidents of coughing during my interviews. (Probably coughed a couple of times during each interview, every time for about half a minute.) life did not go easy on me today. I fucking coughed my heart out in front of three interviewers out of seven of them today. They had to let me go outside for a minute or two to cough all I wanted before I could even get back in the room.

Yesterday my throat was awful and my volume was quite weak. Today I had to actually push really hard to even speak. At one point I wanted to laugh at myself and this shitty fate. Why do you give up on me? Well, the lesson learned is staying away from freezing cold places and gloomy weather as much as possible.

On a different note, I noticed how intelligent people in investment management are. Consultants, economists, finance guys, bankers, on average just cannot compare to these investment managers. They are not only quick, but also extremely wise and chill. They combine strategic thinking, financial analytics and management insights so perfectly. They are patient, methodical, yet sharp. BS does not work with these people. They knew it right away! They look at macro trends and big pictures, but won’t forget digging into details of comparable. If you said 16.7, you’ve better knew it was that. Because they see it every day and know most of the companies out there.

Candidates on buy side recruiting are very smart and super dedicated. A lot of the questions can’t be addressed through last minute cramming. That’s why I knew I won’t get this job. Equity analysis is a long learning process. Patience, passion, discipline and intelligence – all have to be met to have some level of success in this career. I discovered I am also the only person who’ve never worked for a famous company. No McKinsey, no Morgan stanley, no PE experience. Honestly I think the only reason I was there was because no one applied from Yale. And the company wants to see if Yale even has anyone interested. They probably thought “what the hell is this person doing here…” When we were sitting at the breakfast waiting room at 7am this morning, all candidates took out their financials and comparable sheets and started reviewing the numbers. What are the top line revenue growth, how does capex factor into FCF, what would currency appreciation do to EPS, how is the company perform against peers in store sales and material utilization. All the possible questions, where did the numbers come from, we were all taking the last minute to try memorizing the facts and thinking about related figures. I walked into my first interview and discovered I made a mistake with the company name. LOL, there goes my offer. The rest of the morning I was quite chill emotionally. No need to worry, I’ve already screwed up!

Exhaustion cannot describe my current status. I need sleep and loads of medicine. Soon I will be home.


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