Life in a circle


I am not sure how some of my dear classmates handle day trips to New York. I took the Metro North after class into the city today. Now I am already exhausted. Worse yet, a group assignment and negotiation preparation are still laying between me and sleep. I didn’t sleep too well last night. Tomorrow I got a coffee chat at 9am, negotiation, case team prep, classes, then New York again.

I sometimes felt pointless doing all this networking, but kept reminding myself of the reason I failed in undergrad. Not again. Pre-work is so important for recruiting. Even if none of this leads to anything, I should still go through the process, for it is a process of suffering that could help grow my perseverance.

Lately I have been putting more thoughts into where I want to be in the long term. Though it might not be up to me,I would like the place to be Houston. New York is fun for a short term stay, but too dazzling, too fast-paced. It would leave me no time to reflect. Toronto has about the right pace, but too cold. I was probably a plant in my prior life – the lack of sunlight kills me. West coast is pretty cool, but a bit too hippy and I barely know anyone there. Now I just gotta see if there are ways that could get me to where I want to go.

Today I walked by Bryan Park again. Winter decorations are on. With temperature dropping below 30, winter is officially here. Winter, please be short.

As I am sitting on the train, I notice I am at a similar point of my life as 10 years ago. 10 years passed and I have not changed much. I am still me.


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