Yesterday I went to Yale’s annual Halloween concert. Basically, a silent film made by the undergraduates was played. And the orchestra performed many music pieces along with the film, mostly popular pieces from modern movies.

The short film reminds me how great the experience high school students and undergraduates in the States could have. I cannot stop being jealous of their experience – infinite opportunities, optimism, and freedom, so different than the one I had. I spent that few years playing catching up with English language and culture learning. Quite some time was wasted as a result of that.

Although I do not enjoy every aspect of my SOM life, I treasure this last opportunity to be immature. I have gotten a bit busier recently due to the large amount of group work we have. I slacked off in fall 1 because the classes were not very interesting, and I only needed to be responsible for my own work. I had the option to hand in poor work. Now we are being out on a boat with our learning team. No one has the courage to sink it.

I am exhausted after another day of recruiting. The song that speaks my soul for the moment is nightwish’ Nemo, meaning a person without a name. That’s essentially how I felt lately. Being put back in class with a group of people just exemplified some seemingly minor issues I ran into in the past. I foresee myself running into an identity crisis. I can’t handle this type of issue at this time. What should I do? This is so messed up.


One thought on “Nemo

  1. You are still young, and finding an identity is part of growing up and also the MBA experience. So I wouldn’t be too stressed out about it. Sometimes the best experiences are ones where you dive into the unknown, try everything out and come out a whole new person.

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