A short trip to Boston




Yesterday I drove up to Boston and came back. (Did not regret, tight and bright party was too great to miss.) It was a very scenic drive. I enjoyed it a lot. I miss the time when I was in Houston and had my own car. I could always drive around town, hit up my friends, and go for road trips to Austin or San Antonio. The pictures I took yesterday could not justify the views, because I was too caught up at the spots with amazing views, I forgot to take pictures. And seriously with my awful driving skill, I should not be taking pictures.

On my drive back in the afternoon, the sun came out, warming up the roads and my skin. I open the sunroof and took a bit of time to reflect.

I wasted quite some time in the past few weeks due to poor understanding of the reality. I put my limited time into socializing and studying. Yes, studying and not learning. They are two fundamentally different thing. Studying requires procrastination and a bit of intelligence. Learning requires discipline and insights. And discipline is one of the two key factors for success. I couldn’t believe how little discipline I had.

In our managing groups and teams exercise, almost all of my classmates have a boost in colors between the “current status” and “status they are trying to be” from an exercise. The instructor told them it was because they are trying to boost up performance. I actually had a decline in the status I am trying to be, mainly because I was actually slacking off. I was confused about my purpose.

I really need to remind myself about the reasons I am here. Yes, getting to know people is important; yes, I need to go have fun. But ultimately, I am also here to learn. Otherwise it will not be a complete experience.

Be more energetic and bring out the curiosity. It will be a busy few months ahead.


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