Today I learned a lesson

Today I learned a lesson. Something happened lately that has shaken my emotional stability. The good news is – I am high in optimism and I hope I can reconcile soon.

I was trying to convince a person to change a decision. I thought making efforts and restating the case will help. However, the reality is, it did not. The learning for me – do not try to change something that’s out of my control. At times, I pushed too much and it came across as forceful. Being an impatient individual, I tend to keep pushing and not giving up. This could lead to disastrous outcomes.

Push forward leads to success. This is not how life goes most of the time. I remember when I was 10, I gave a class speech on “learning to give up”. I told my classmates that sometimes giving up is not an exit, but an entry. By giving up an argument, an option, or a friendship, we might end up being more focused on things that actually matter. While giving up is viewed negatively by people, the ones who master this are probably the best at making choices. Because we face with so many choices in life today, this type of people end up being successful. Of course, giving up here does not mean being a coward, it means seeing things from others’ perspectives or from a higher level, which lead to a passive action outcome.

I also learned something about myself. I am not as good at getting insights about people as I thought I was. I am over confident of my judgement. This is something that could be improved. I will make an effort to make that happen.

This incident has made the rest of my day very unproductive. Unfortunately I am also on a time crunch lately. Life is full of surprising challenges. Hope I could navigate through this.


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