Zimmerman case decision

Zimmerman is a free man.

Should he be free?

Both sides have very different views about the same facts. The issues is: what are actually the facts?

One contradicting thing about living in this world as a human is there is a limited number of facts with unlimited number of interpretations. In this case, many subtle things could have led to this outcome.

We are not Martin nor Zimmerman. None of us could map out psychologically what was happening in their brains at the exact moments when this happened.

Martin could’ve thought someone was after him. Maybe he did do something wrong on that day. Martin could’ve just felt threatened because a similar situation has happened to him before, so he felt the need to react violently. Or maybe he wasn’t violent at all.

Zimmerman could have thought that this young man was on to something. Maybe Martin’s small actions and tricks irritated him, or unintentionally evoked a part of him that was buried deep in the war memory. Maybe he was the one getting threatened.

It could be a total mistake from the beginning. It could have been a quiet night with nothing going on. Did Zimmerman leave his house on that day thinking of killing a 17 old teenager? Most likely not. Did Trayvon leave his home that day thinking of never be able to return? Impossible. This was a joke life played on them. A very bad one.

Throughout human history, we seek facts when making decisions, unaware that facts don’t usually exist. We make decisions mostly on “what we believe to be true”, on “the vast iceberg under water”. The unconscious mind. There is never 100% truth. And it’s ever difficult to get super specific about things.

“Who was on top of who when the gun fired?”
“Who thought who was a threat first?”
“Why did Zimmerman do this?”
“Why did Martin do that?”

We could only make our own judgements about if their actions were normal or not. But we did not live that moment. We did not have their lives. If we were, this case would be closed a long time ago, or it would never be close because it would become crazier.

Another reason this case was heated was because it’s connected to racial factors, racial profiling. But how could we ask someone in that situation to get rid of something deeply innate of human beings? Human beings are fundamentally racists. At the time of danger, we rely on instinct to make decisions. How could one argue that Zimmerman felt Martin was a threat because of his race, so Zimmerman should die? A threat is a threat at that specific moment. No one could really get a conclusion about human mind at that moment.

So many opinions. Only unrelated to our own lives. If it is related closely to us, not sure what we would do.

Hope the Martin family has the strength to go on. Hope Zimmerman uses his time in the world well.


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