Stop exaggeration please

This articles is very relevant for friend selection – screen out the people who lie, who always over exaggerate, and those who often put their own gains in front of everything else.

The graduate who said ” I was the owner of a biotech company” reminds me of many graduates I met in the past few years. I really want to tell them that people who are truly great are often quite humble, and that they have the tendency to hide their accomplishments instead of mouthing them around. I have met one of the brightest LNG experts in the world, who graduated from Caltech, but he had never told me his accomplishing background until i found out myself. I have met some bright Ivey school graduates who simply told people where they go to school without mentioning the schools’ names. And I have talked to people who have a ton of wealth, but barely mention their glorious pasts.

In contrast, I’ve heard some false representations from young graduates. And below are a few examples:

1. “I was working for a large international development agency.” ( Really. I know you work for your teacher. He was invited by the agency for a conference for one week.)

2. “I am a management consultant.” ( yes, some accounting firms do have consulting arm. But you work for their auditing department.)

3. “I was providing consulting services to the government of country A.” (No, you presented a paper at an informal talk for 1 minute.)

4. “I was working for an international consulting company as a manager.” ( No, you are the only one being managed in that 3 person company.)

5. “From my five years of experience as a banker, I can say that…” (you graduated last year from undergrad and you are 22.)

If you want to exaggerate, please think a few seconds before you talk. Because people are good at spotting lies. And people can choose who they want to be friends with.


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