The last time I…

Today, I cooked my last meal in Taipei. Although I still have a bit of time left here, I would not cook in the upcoming week. So this lunch was my last self-cooked meal in Taipei.

In the past few years, I have many last time in different places. Last time to drink a frozen margarita in Houston, last time to party with my friends in Toronto, last time to brush my teeth in my parents’ place in China. Now it’s time for the “last times” in Taipei.

How many more last times would I have? How many upcoming encounters could I expect. Although I felt I had not have enough time living in different cities around the world, I do miss the familiarity of “the second time”, “the third time”, “the nth time”. The Nth time I went for a happy hour with my ladies in Houston; The Nth time I got up on a Saturday morning at 7am to volunteer with my mentors; The Nth time I drank milk, hugged stuffed animals and chatted with my friends in Toronto; The Nth time I went to Red Lobster with my girls in Toronto; The Nth time I went to New Gen for Sushi with my boyfriend; The Nth time I took a walk around my middle school campus with a close friend of mine; The Nth time I complained about my grandma’s tastelss cooking. I want the N+1 now. (If you haven’t already noticed, I am a Math nerd. ><)

I realized what I am doing now. Instead of staying with the limited choices I had, I am creating new choices. Instead of increase the number of times I repeat one thing from N to N+1, I am increasing the number of unique things I did from N to N+M. New meet-ups bring new opportunities, new relationships and new challenges.

Soon I will make another move. Soon there will be the “first times”. The first time to wash my face in this new city + the first time to walk into my own place in this new city + the first time to greet my friends in this new city. Before I get too old, I know I would love to have a few more “first times” and live the life of an adventurer.



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