An unexpected injury

I am sitting in the hospital emergency waiting area. My ankle is twice as big as my leg. It’s swollen.

Today was supposed to be the day I fly home to nanning, to meet up with my mom and other relative. Because of this injury I have to change my plan. Now every certain thing in the next month would become uncertain.

This is life. It throws a thing or two at you when you least expect it. I appreciate this episode. It is giving me the opportunity to experience how disabled people live. When you cannot use one of your legs, many issues come up – you cannot go up and down the stair in your apartment, you cannot get phone charger easily, you cannot go down to 7-11 at the corner to print your signature approval for plane ticket.

I was laying there painfully this morning, afraid to wake my teammates up. I only want to call them after 8. I logged on to airline’s website, checked for flights to go back. The site crashed. I called a travel agency to book a flight for tomorrow. The agent told me that they cannot accept international credit card unless you fax your signature with card info over. But I don’t have a fax, unless I go to 7-11! My ankle was so swollen at that point. I tried to jump around the room, to make ice in the fridge.

I don’t know how a disabled person could go anywhere any day. How could they get things done? Rules are rules made by all those organizations, but none of them involves taking the patient’s situation into account.

At least I have the Internet, a cellphone with some money in it, and some money in my wallet, enough money in the bank account. I was able to call my father, told him to tell my aunt that I won’t arrive today. I called my teammates later. They came, run to fax my signature for me so that I can get a ticket. I messages my boyfriend, who said he would fly here tonight and fly with me to nanning tomorrow, just to make sure I am ok.

But what if? What if I am a migrant worker who don’t speak the local language. ( I was by myself a lot when I just moved to Canada.) what if I have no money on my cellphone, no Internet access, or no one I know who lives in the city? What would happen to me then? Call for help when I cannot describe my situation? Call the airline and find no service in my language? No money to call at all? No way to get a new ticket?

As I list all the things I have, the problem I am facing become much smaller. It is unfortunate that I have to miss the opportunity to meet y classmates tomorrow. I was supposed to have dinner with them. It’s unfortunate I have to waste $700 dollars in tickets. It’s horrible that I won’t be able to move freely this Chinese New Year.

But I have so much support. Support from my teammates, who took half a day off to come help me. Support from my boyfriend, who change his schedule completely, spent time and money to fly me home. Support from my dad, who calmed me down, helped me contacted my family back home. Support from the me in the past, who never over purchased clothes and enjoyed saving money.

For all that. I am a person of fortune and happiness.


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