The most important things

This morning I sat in my hotel room, eating fruits, enjoying the morning charm of Hong Kong. It’s so beautiful, but so busy. Every time I come to this city, I get overwhelmed.

Today I evaluated my own career experience, university life, and personal relationships. I found out how slacking I am in terms of career. My university life was great, but it is mostly centered around personal relationships.

Who am I without friends and families?

My parents worked very hard when they were young. Without them I would not have gotten the opportunity to live abroad. They were both the most successful person in their own families, among 4,5 siblings. They are themselves huge improvements from the rest of the family, in terms of world knowledge, vision and openness. I can’t imagine my life with different parents. The freedom they gave me, the trust they put on me, the mobility they granted me, were all things many young Chinese dream of.

My friends are the best friends in the world. No kidding. They truly are. When I was applying to grad school, I received so much help from them. They gave me advices for my essays; they suggested me things I should touch upon; they guided me to look deeper into myself. And it did not matter where they currently are in the world – in Tokyo, Toronto, Houston, india, Philadelphia, or Wuhan. I wonder how could I be so lucky to have them. I hope I haven’t given out my fortune of the next life for exchange.

Today I evaluated my relationship. I found many career and life mentors, great accompanies, dearest friends. Aren’t those the most important things? I would never exchange these for anything else. Money can be earned, books can be read, food can be made, but relationships are hard to build. That’s probably why the most horrible horror movies are the ones in which the main actors wake up and discover no one they knew know them anymore. I might not be the most wealthy or the most lucky person, but I have a lot more than an average person.

For that, hope this February be a happy one. 6 days till going back to Nanning to visit my grandparents. Now I miss them deeply!



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