NY Times Article on Racial Inequality in Top American Universities


An article on discrimination against Asian students in top American universities.

I personally do not hold any negative opinion towards the admission committees. After all, the ancestors of upper class non-Asian Americans had contributed more in building American into one of the greatest nations in the world. Since we (or our parents/grandparents) chose to immigrate to a country, we have to be prepared to face more than average challenges and take on extra responsibilities. Us, too, should not be exempted from struggles immigrants of other racial face.

I am in no way looking down on myself or my peers. I am very proud to be an Asian Canadian. I just felt this is a debate that has been going on for too long. Since those universities are mostly private, they should have their own say in who they want to admit and who they choose to reject. What we need to do is to move forward, look beyond countries and citizenship. After all, the world has become much more global. The East has gained growth momentum from the rise of China and India. I believe, one day, we will all be international citizens. Protectionism sentiment will gradually die down.

Now back to school applications…>< (the real challenge…)



我沒有看不起我自己或我的同胞們。我很自豪自己是生活在北美的亞裔人。我只是覺得這是話題已經被辯論了太長時間。再說,這些學校大多是私立的高等學府,他們應該有自己的選擇權- 他們想錄取誰,拒絕誰。 (插一句:北上廣的高校對外地學生不是有相似的政策麼?)


<(真正的挑战……)”>現在我要繼續填寫學校的申請表格了…> <(真正的挑戰……)


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