My teammate’s great article on social innovation talent- Right end of the tail

“The most successful people – the smartest, most talented, maybe the richest, or the most motivated – fall on the right end of a standard bell curve.  While the bulk of society falls within predictable standard deviations from the middle, those on the right tail are the best of the best, the small percentage that exceed statistical expectations.”

My teammate Melinda’s article pointed towards an issue facing social innovation in Asia (mostly likely the whole world). One issue successful social innovators here complained again and again is “the lack of people with the right skill sets and passion” for social innovation. The term “market solutions for marginalized groups” is frequently viewed as a substitue for “charity” or “disaster relief”. This sector is unattractive to top talents graduated from renowned universities. However, to change the social innovation ecosystem in Asia, we need more involvements from these young people.

The article is a well-worth read.


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