Today Minus

Today is another day in Taipei. My teammates and I paid another visit to III, with a focus on their APEC Digital Opportunity Center program, a program aiming to bridge digital divide by providing the hardward and capital in 10 developing countries. I ate a Taramisu at 10pm. Now I am regretting it.

Today – 1 day: Without Google Calendar, I actually forgot what I did yesterday. (if that tells you how irrelevant it was) I slept in, wrote a personal essay for MBA application, and went watch the documentary on Taiwanese democracy with my teammates. Karla was asking some stupid questions at some point. I discovered I just don’t get alone with French people very well…(Hopefully not due to living in Texas?)Sushi afterwards, then I head home.

Today – 1 week: I was wearing a kid’s pants when our team interviewed Mr. Wang, because I fell into a muddy swamp when visiting Taiwan Farmer. Mr.Wang was very kind, treated us dried mushrooms (not that type of mushroom) and a good feast at night. I typed up the interview notes for 2 hours at night in the cold. (only had I known the next day my iPad would fall into a pond…)

Today – 1 month: My teammates and I visited Johnny from iHealth and Mr. Hong from Zhishan Lohas. That was the only day we interviewed two social enterprises in one day. My parents were also in Taiwan at that time. It was my daddy’s birthday. I bought tickets for us to go to National Concert Hall for a clarinet performance. He loved it. My mom managed not to fall asleep during the concert (she was quite close).

Today – 1 year: I was working at Entrust Energy at that time, trying to persuade the CEO we need a dedicated retention team. I modified my presentation deck 7 times. The good news was it got approved. I drove home in my shitty Pontiac, cursing stupid drivers at 6:30pm. I cooked delicious steak, texted message my friends about weekend parties. Went on Amazon to fight for last minute deals. Trying to count money before heading to Vegas.

Today – 5 years: I was in second year university, living in St.Hildas with my trin girls. I most likely spent the day on the cozy couch in Graham Library. Same old thing – watch the squirrels chase around each other in the snow covered quad. I probably had a full meal and gossip with my trin girls, then about to fall asleep with the books. I went chatted with Yunjie at night. We hugged the stuffed animals and drank milk.  (Note: this does not reflect my university education ><)

Today – 10 years: I was sitting at my small desk in my middle school in China. You probably won’t see me since I was burried by books. The payback was I got to sit by the door during exam time and breath all the cold winds. (a special seat for the frequent 1st place student…) It rained in Nanning all the time during December. No heating, frequently caught cold, 8 girls in a dorm. (that was the better one, before was 16…) I went to dinning hall with Yaya, like what we do everyday. We take a walk at night after our self-study hours around school and chat about how many guys were giving her love letters on that day. I had a goal in mind at the time and was anxious it won’t come true – I wanted to go to another high school. What a simple goal…

Today – 20 years: It was just me and my mom. My dad left us to go earn his worthless money (that was like, 3 month salary for me in the U.S.?). Great. Cause I am about to get a much better dad (in fact, the best daddy in the world). I used to call my daddy “Mr. Shi”. Now I think of it, we actually have quite a few things in common. Despite the fact I am a genius in Math while he got 4/100 on his highschool Math final, we have the same sense of humour and both like Chinese comics. We do not like the CCP much. We enjoy meeting and talking to new people. We treat friends well. I was waiting for my mom outside the kindergarden with the teacher cause I was the last one again! I was about to say mean things to mom, but was overwhelmed by happiness when she showed up. She took me to a business dinner (again…). I ate too much shrimp and got allergic to protein.

That was probably the best case scenario. The alternative would be I was staying with my grandma and was trying to avoid getting caught up by the chickens. I wonder how I dealt with it since there was no bathroom in grandma’s old place. I can’t imagine using public bathroom all the time. **

Today Plus 1 – Going to DongYuan to visit ZiYu, founder of Rainforest Cafe, a social enterprise in Taiwan and Indonesia. Most likely wait for the 3 procrastinators to finish their newsletter articles so we can drink wine.

Today Plus More? unknown. But definitely more fun and lots of love.


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