Met Jack Sim again!

Today, Melinda and I went to Jack’s home to visit him. Jack seemed a bit tired at the beginning. He just flew back from London this morning. He met with Guy Laliberte ( the founder of cirque du soleil ) while he was in London. Jack is producing a Bollywood theme cirque du soleil play addressing the toilet/sanitary issue. Jack is so hands-on that he googled “Bollywood play” and finished writing the plot himself.

After a few minutes, Jack picked up the spirit and started to show us around Singapore. He talked with us about life, country politics, nationalism, entrepreneurship, and relationship. I was wondering how Jack always has fresh ideas, and the curiosity to find answers. His answer to me was, ” when we were kids, we dream a lot. That’s why we learn fast. That’s why we are happy. But when we grow up, we try to fit ourselves into the society’s norm. That’s when we start to feel unsatisfied, because that inhibits our potential. To be creative and happy is easy. You just need to think like a child and live like a child.”

Through the conversation, we realize how busy Jack is. He is truly one of the “up in the air” entrepreneur, but a happy one. He is not at home 70% of the time! He’s got a week of workshop in MIT, lecture in Beijing, and world toilet day celebration in Vietnam. Melinda and I are very thankful for the time Jack took out of his busy schedule to mentor and inspire us. Jack gave us his biography, which has many guiding principles on how he views his life. Melinda is reading it now. And I will for sure invest the time to get some wisdom from it. Thanks to social entrepreneurs like Jack, the world will be a better place.


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