First day in Singapore!

Singapore is an interesting place. It’s a city state on the tip of the Malay Peninsula. It’s a modern hub with a fully diverse culture. Almost 40% of the city’s residents are foreigners.

Today, Melinda and I went to the Singapore zoo. It was the best zoo I have been so far in my life! The open concept design made the visitors feel they are walking in an integrated space with the animals. There was no artificial bars that segregates us from the monkeys, birds, lemurs or even the tigers in the zoo. Although the Singapore Zoo might not have the most number of animals, due to the amazing decoration and arrangement, I felt I enjoyed it a lot more than other zoos I’ve been to.

At night we visited Clark’s key and marina bay area. The area is a blend of San Antonio river walk, New York wall street, and the Las Vegas strip. It has everything tourists are looking for. No wonder 11 million tourists come visit Singapore every year. We dined at a Thai food restaurant by the riverwalk, strolled down the financial district, and did many paparazzi shots in front of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. ( Next time I come, I have to stay in the hotel so I can use the pool!)

One thing I love about Singapore is its modern infrastructure. It’s subway system is one of the best in the world. Platforms are clean, trains come fast, and maps/exits clearly marked. They made it so convenient for tourists that one could get familiar with the city within a day or two.

I have to say, compare to Taipei, Singapore is a lot multi-national, and a bit more commercial. However, due to the large number of foreigners, it seems to lack of a core cultural Taipei has. And I am not sure if people who live here would have a strong sense of community like they have in Taipei. This actually reminds me of Toronto. Many times we complain how Toronto is missing its core culture. Maybe the truth is, multiculturalism itself, is a type of culture as well.


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