When you don’t have roots, you don’t have options

“Keep your options open” seems to be the phrase lingering in the minds of many MBA graduates, or many millennials in the business field.  I have been thinking about the word “option” for a long time. While many think Ivey educated, reasonably bright people have options, that doesn’t really apply to me.  First, people with options tend to be from wealthy or connected backgrounds. Second, … Continue reading When you don’t have roots, you don’t have options

Is optimism all we need

No one becomes wealthy by being a pessimist. I am a born optimist. I like adventures, exploring boundaries and taking calculated risks. Recent events, however, made me less optimistic about the future of the world. Patriotism, separatist, whatever-phobia, extremists. All kinds of phenomenons are emerging. No matter how badly the educated, the wealthy or so-called liberals want to change the current situation, the world is … Continue reading Is optimism all we need